• Vegan-friendly: Smoothie Bowl from The Cozy Corner

    The 10 best vegan-friendly eateries in Taupo

    There were times when I was happy as long as a place could offer me any vegan food at all, even if it was just salad and fries. But, happily, these times are over. With vegetarian and vegan diets becoming more mainstream, it is, perhaps, safe to hope for a delicious vegan meal… or I’ll take my money elsewhere. When…

  • Coffee and cookie in cat style

    Neko Ngeru – My first time at a cat café

    I’m sitting in the Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Café in Petone, near Wellington. In front of me is a lovely tea set with a beautiful modern glass pot, kept warm by a candle. But who really cares about the tea when there are cats around you? Yes, that’s right. Cat cafés are opening up around the globe. You get to…

  • Walkway leading through bush with hills and blue sky in background

    The journey begins

    The moment had finally come. I returned my staff card and laptop, hugged everyone goodbye and walked out of the office building. I was free! Free of my corporate job and ready for my next big adventure. I walked home in a daze. It felt so surreal. I had a bounce in my step, as if a heavy weight had…