Welcome to Head Into The Clouds, the travel and lifestyle blog for the curious and adventurous, the dreamers, explorers and nomads.

I was often told that I was a dreamer, that I had my head in the clouds. It was meant to be negative but I just don’t see it that way. I believe that there is not just the one right way to live your life and that it is good to have dreams, to try new things, create experiences. That’s what makes life interesting.

After a long struggle of freeing myself from other people’s expectations I’ve finally created a lifestyle for myself that makes me happy and enables me to really enjoy all that beauty life has to offer in experiences, nature, people and their stories.

An important part of my new lifestyle is travelling long-term and I want to take you with me, introducing you to wonderful cities and towns, stunning landscapes and wildlife, and the best ways to explore them, as well as the inspiring people and projects I will find along the way. 

Food is another beautiful thing I want to share with you. As I believe in freedom for everybody, not just for humans, I’ll show you the best vegan-friendly places around the world. Most of them cater to omnivores as well, so have a look, even if you’re not vegan.

I want to inspire you to create the lifestyle that fits your needs and wishes, so you will find stories here about freedom and following your dreams. This will include topics like work, travel, personal development, relationships etc.

It’s time to get out there… Let’s head into the clouds!