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The journey begins

The moment had finally come. I returned my staff card and laptop, hugged everyone goodbye and walked out of the office building. I was free! Free of my corporate job and ready for my next big adventure. I walked home in a daze. It felt so surreal. I had a bounce in my step, as if a heavy weight had been lifted; and it wasn’t just the laptop that I didn’t have to carry home with me anymore.

This magic day was the 24 December 2019 and the best Christmas present I could have ever given myself. It was followed by two super busy days full of packing and re-packing. How much stuff can someone still have after several rounds of sorting out, giving some things away and putting others into storage? My remaining belongings would still not fit into my two backpacks and a suitcase. So, everything had to come out again. What else could be left behind? And packing started all over again…

The next important day arrived: my landlords came over to inspect the property and I handed over the keys. Now I was not only jobless but also homeless. How liberating!

My previous adventure

This was actually not the first time that I have experienced this kind of liberation: four years ago, my first big adventure started when I left Germany with a one-way ticket to New Zealand, bought a campervan and travelled around the South Island for four months. So far this had been the best time of my life!

Unfortunately, immigrating to New Zealand is not as easy as buying a plane ticket, so this fabulous camping trip was followed by three and a half years of jumping through many hoops, studying again and returning to the corporate world. I could do this for a while, but over time my need for freedom got stronger and stronger until I just couldn’t do it any longer.

The new journey

Having reached my limit, I embarked on my second big journey just after Christmas last year. This time the aim is to travel long-term. I have no idea exactly what that means. Where will I go? Time will tell. At the moment I will let the house sitting fairy decide and go wherever I find a house sit (to look after someone’s house and pets so that they can enjoy their holiday), both in New Zealand and worldwide.

However, this new journey is not just about travelling and seeing the world, more importantly it’s about needing more freedom. Specifically, the freedom to create a lifestyle that suits my own values and needs and doesn’t have to fulfil other people’s expectations.

So, come and join me on this journey and hopefully you will find some inspiration in my stories.

What’s this blog about?

This is a travel and lifestyle blog about the beauty of life. The beauty you can find in your own experiences, nature, people and their stories.

I like to travel at a slower pace, with more time to really experience a place, and not just to the typical tourist destinations. I think most places make interesting destinations; you just need the time to get to know them a bit more and perhaps the right mindset to appreciate the little things. 

So, I want to take you with me, introducing you to wonderful cities and towns, stunning landscapes and wildlife, and the best ways to explore them, as well as the inspiring people and projects I will find along the way. 

Food is another big topic I want to share with you. I believe in freedom for everybody, not just for humans, so I’ll show you the best vegan-friendly places around the world. Most of them cater to omnivores as well, so have a look, even if you’re not vegan.

I will also write about lifestyle matters regarding freedom and how to follow your dreams. This will include topics like work, travel, personal development, relationships etc.

It’s time to get out there and enjoy the beauty of life!

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